What does the word “parliament” mean and can you share an interesting fact about one?

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i ♣ seals asked:

For example, in the British parliament, the distance between the government and the opposition is the distance of two swords end-to-end.

Dunno about better ((((meddy)))) – maybe a bit more “stiff upper-lip”, you know?

Incidently, he’s related to the queen, so’s his wife.

top 10 or 20 facts about guys?

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Brianna asked:

I don’t care how much facts u. Giive me…I just want to understand

is it ok for me to be sad about the fact i am going to homecoming with a black girl?

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Ch Ma asked:

im going to homecoming in a few weeks with a black girl. i don’t know why but i feel embarrassed and i think my family will be disappointed in me. i know it sounds ****** but where im from there aren’t many black people and i just feel people will think less of me. i am white and she is mixed and it just doesn’t feel right.

Some behind the scenes facts about Supernatural?

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Samantha Burrows asked:

I’m making a quiz on Sporcle called “Supernatural: Behind the Scenes” and I was looking for some really awesome questions to put up. I have 25 right now but I want it to be a longer and harder quiz. And suggestions?

What are some facts about hotels and how sanitary they really are?

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LiNdSaY asked:

So I am doing a persuasive speech on hotel maintenance. Can you please give me some interesting facts on the topic and some pointers to discuss on thank you and this is an easy way to get points FAST:)

Where can I find revealing facts about Native American clashes with American people?

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Kyu asked:

Cruel and real facts, like the whole scalping for hair thing. Where can I find more facts like that for my propaganda school project?

What are some fun facts about the Lg Optimus S?

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laurenottinger asked:

I’m getting feb 15th and I want to know what are some fun interesting things about it

How do we stop the New world order if it really happens?

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Jim Scalletta asked:

I’ve done my research and got my facts about it and I think it will really happen, I would gladly sacrifice my life for my freedom if it means killing my own people. What shoud we do to prepare? (I’m not a troll).

are the facts about tupac being alive are they true?

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jdynmym asked:

i asked a question a few days ago and a lot of people said that they are not true. like he was cremated the day after he died. that he had shoes that wernt available at his time and he had owed the irs (i think) a lot of money.
and there are more reason but i cant think of them.
so is this true or are they just lies

What are some interesting facts about the number 7 or websites that have them?

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Mya asked:

I have a project due tomorrow about the number 7. I have to make a numbered list on how many facts or cases which it is used. EX: The 7 wonders of the world, 7 days of creation, etc. etc..
Anybody know any websites that can help?